Health Coaching is the art and science of manifesting positive change. It is an integrated, holistic relationship-centered, client-driven process in which the Client and the Coach explore together health-related issues. This non-judgmental, mutually respectful partnership empowers each Client with tools to face their own challenges. The custom designed wellness process is geared towards meeting the Client’s goals, discovering new ways of learning and being and enhancing one’s life.

We assume that:


• The Client is a whole and healthy individual with innate wisdom, who is capable of choosing her or his own best path towards healing and fulfillment.

• The Coach engages the four pillars of health coaching while facilitating the process. These are mindful presence, authentic communication, safe and sacred space, and self-awareness.

• The term “health” is used in its broadest sense to include the physical, intellectual, emotional, environmental, energetic, spiritual and creative aspects of the Client.

• There are many ways of knowing. The Coach and the Client employ evidence-based data as well as intuition, inspiration, kinesthetic awareness, arts, change skills, emotional intelligence and others ways of learning appropriate to co-creating their journey together.


Almost everyone can benefit from health coaching. Perhaps you are seeking support as you make life-style changes dealing with stress, nutrition, chronic disease or habitual behaviors. Perhaps you are stuck and are seeking renewed purpose. There might be a specific work-related issue that’s challenging you. Maybe your communication skills need to be polished. Or, it might simply be that you want to enhance your self-awareness and well-being. All of these challenges and more can be addressed through the process of health coaching.


This dynamic new field is stirring significant interest and support in our ever-evolving health care system as we all move towards more active participation in our own health and wellness.

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