PORTALS provides a welcoming, safe and supportive environment, in which Candace works with individuals and small groups to find creative solutions to health and wellness challenges.


- Individual Sessions consist of one-on-one meetings that explore topics

   identified by the Client. Sessions are typically 60 minutes in duration.

   $80.00 per individual session


- Group Sessions consist of working with small groups of individuals

  (minimum 5, maximum 12) to explore an issue identified by the group’s leadership.

  Sessions are typically 60 to 90 minutes in duration.

  $30.00 per participant per hour.


Candace’s background offers a unique blend of experience in education, health, the arts and business management that informs the work she does with each of her clients. Central to the process is an emphasis on the body-mind connection. She does not make medical diagnosis or write medical prescriptions. If requested by the client, she will be happy to work as a part of a team to address the Client’s issues.


The location for each session will depend upon the needs and desires of the Client. Individual sessions are held in person at the PORTALS studio in Saint Paul, MN. Individual sessions can also be held over the phone or on Skype. Candace is able to travel within a 15-mile radius of downtown Saint Paul to  facilitate small group sessions in workplace environments.


Please email or phone Candace with your questions and/or to schedule an appointment: candace@ourportals.us


or call: 651.245.0809

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